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The Social media platform, one of the exciting and inventing platforms, has never been the same as ever before. With the infinite number of the companies venturing in the deep sea of the Digital Channels, giving all new bent to the Social media marketing to achieve their envisioned goals and the targets. With all the social media strategy and planning at place, the most crucial factor which matters is the followers which your entire campaign’s strategy has been able to reckon with. Many leading marketing companies have been acknowledging the strategy formulation for that social media campaign planning to built that fan followers for your business on the social media platforms or better say the channels. Without the followers all your social media planning and strategy has no impact.  more

In technical terms, Pay Per Call is a button added to the website that’s linked to customized pay per call service or minute web application. This automated feature connects the caller to customer care executive, who assist the clients in the process of purchasing, payment and additional services. Here revenue is calculated as per the call duration.